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Energy Management Supercharge

Oh yes! This is it! I’ve been talking about putting a class like this together for my $17 series, and I finally did it! In this class I want to help you understand the incredible, life-changing opportunity that energy management gives you. I’m going to show you how to figure out your personal signs that your energy needs to be managed and then I’m going to teach you some tried and true and some absolutely brand new techniques so you can start managing your energy right there during class!


Study Animal Communication at Home

Want to learn how to intuitively connect with animals from the comfort of your own home? Want to study Danielle’s super-cool technique at your leisure? Here’s how to do it!

The Be Open
Global Community

The Be Open Intuitive Practice and Global Community is the first resources of it’s kind dedicated to those who want to practice & grow their intuition and explore everything that brings!


Animal Communication Certification

Getting serious about your love of animals? Want to take your skills all the way? In this one-of-a-kind program, Danielle helps you develop, hone, and then fine tune your skills!

{ Retreats and Live Workshops }

Every year, Danielle offers various destination retreats and workshops. This is the best way and one of the most fun ways to work with Danielle in person – and most excitingly, if you’re thinking of pursuing certification, many of these count for class credit as well!



Horse and Soul Retreat!
April 22-29, May 2-9, NEW! October 22-29
SOME SESSIONS SOLD OUT Danielle has teamed up with an amazing group to create what is sure to be her most favorite retreat yet – this time in Costa Rica! With Danielle as your intuitive guide, you’ll work deeply with a group of very special horses to discover the you within you. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Live Events

Healing Way Center, Andover, MA
February 2017
Join Danielle at the Healing Way Center for an evening of Animal Communication. Learn how animal communication and connection helps a person’s soul growth (animals really KNOW how to help your soul grow!). Danielle will also devote a portion of the evening to Q & A plus she’ll give random audience readings too!

{ Meet Danielle }

Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle got her start in animal communication more than 15 years ago when she took her ailing dog to see a pet psychic.

She knew she had found her calling, and was surprised to realize it was a passion she had long been practicing since childhood without her recognition. She then spent the next several years growing her animal communication business into what it has become today: a place for people to explore their relationship with their pets, while also helping themselves expand on a spiritual and physical level. Today, Danielle is called one of the country’s Best Psychic Mediums and has been named one of the Top 100 Astrologers and Psychics. Read More

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Whether you are a new pet owner, an animal professional, or long-time animal lover, Danielle MacKinnon enthusiastically offers you extraordinary techniques designed to improve your life and the lives of animals.

{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

Danielle is an amazing teacher. With her guidance, I learned to really trust my intuition, move far deeper into my animal communication skills than I thought possible and have a lot of fun along the way! In addition, the skills you learn are not only relevant to animal communication but also applicable to daily life. Thanks to Danielle’s energy management training, I am able to navigate the bumps and hurdles of my corporate job with a calmness, ease and certainty that did not exist prior to working with Danielle.

— Melanie Parker
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