{ Animal Communication Audio Courses }

Animal Messages

Want to learn how to best communicate with your pet (whether she’s here or on the Other Side) without investing the time and energy into learning psychic animal communication?  In this class you’ll learn two important things: first, how to position yourself to most easily receive the messages your pet has for you and second, how to tune in to messages that your pet has already been giving you, but you may be missing.

$37 on SALE ( MP3, 1.5hrs )

Energy Management

One of the most important, yet overlooked components of animal communication is energy management. It is so important that I devote an entire class in the SLAC to it and it’s an ongoing component of every animal communication class I teach as well as every group trip I lead. In this class, I’ll show you how important energy management is to your own well-being as well as to any animals in your life.

$37 on SALE ( MP3, 1.5hrs )