AnimalMessages3DWant to learn how to best communicate with your pet (whether she’s here or on the Other Side) without investing the time and energy into learning psychic animal communication?
Animals are always communicating, and with some simple tweaks to what you are probably already doing, you have the power to strengthen the relationship with your pet AND understand each other much, much better! In this class you’ll learn two important things: first, how to position yourself to most easily receive the messages your pet has for you and second, how to tune in to messages that your pet has already been giving you, but you may be missing. I’ll also give plenty example of messages that pets give to their humans so you can get a good feel for what might be going on under your radar.  And finally, I’ll end the class by showing you a few “tricks” (that you’ve probably never even thought of!) for communicating more effectively TO your pets.

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Format: MP3, 1.5hrs