{ Animal Communication Certification }

This is your chance to become a Certified Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM practitioner with me! Some people learn the art of animal communication because they love animals and want to have a better relationship with the animals around them. Other people want that better relationship AND they want to be able to share their skills with the world – well, if that’s what you’re thinking, then this is the the direction to go! If you’ve been considering doing this work professionally, going Certified will give you the confidence, real-world skills, and belief to get your business off the ground! Plus, you’ll meet a community of like-minded people all working toward the same goal as you – and that’s something not to be missed!

Just a few of the benefits of Certification:

  • Your business listing on the DMASC site as an official Certified SLAC Practitioner
  • Private group forum access to all Certified SLAC Pracitioners
  • Welcome to Certified Introductory Call
  • The opportunity to mentor a beginner level student

  • The potential to assist Danielle at live events
  • The opportunity to read & assist in Animal Communication Lab
  • Your Official Certification Certificate
  • And more benefits being added as the program grows!

Level 3 Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Certification

In the Level 3 Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM Certification Program, I’ll not only teach you more skills in animal communication and help you hone what you already know, I’ll also show you the building blocks to create the a successful business in Soul Level Animal CommunicationTM! That’s right – the class is a mix of intuitive learning with animals and real-world business skills. After all, it’s great to be skilled in animal communication, but if you can’t manage a session, it’ll be hard to create an awesome business helping people and their animals..

Level 4 Soul Contract Certification with Animals Program

In the Level 4 Soul Contract Certification with Animals program, we put aside the intuitive work for a bit and jump right into working with your own soul contract with your pet. This is an intensive course that will take your soul level animal communication skills to the next level. From group livestream coaching classes to private one-on-one sessions, to singular and partner homework,  you’ll learn just what it’s like to master a soul lesson with the help of your pet. After all, you can’t help your clients do the work if you haven’t done it yourself!

Prerequisites: Please check the prerequisites for each course listed on their respective pages.