{6 Day Soul-Level Animal Communication Intensive }

6-Day/5 Night Workshop and Retreat – Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA
October 30 – November 4, 2016

I’m so excited to be offering my entire level 1 Soul Level Animal Communication course, you know… the one that I usually teach through live streaming webinars over a period of three months, as a one week intensive retreat at the Kripalu Center near Stockbridge, Massachusetts! I’ve been visiting or teaching at Kripalu since 2005 and each and every adventure there has been exceptional. So now, to be able to do this intensive animal communication work in such an exceptional place? Well, I couldn’t be happier!

Experience an intuitive relationship like no other when you learn how to connect deeply with animals. Explore the fundamental skills of connecting, understanding, and interpreting what animals have to say. My technique for communicating with animals at a soul level supports you in managing your energy, handling distractions, and developing trust in your budding intuitive abilities.

As one of the country’s leading pioneers in animal communication and founder of the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication (DMSAC), I’ve designed this retreat to help you get in touch psychically with the most spiritual, loving beings on our planet – animals! This intensive  workshop offers you the opportunity to open your heart and trust yourself like never before by aligning with the unconditional love of animals.

{ Workshop Program }

Join me for a Soul-Level animal communication workshop like none I’ve ever offered before!

Day 1: Introduction

During our introduction night we’ll be working to release any fears, doubts, and insecurities that people have around doing animal communication work. You’d be surprised how many budding students are worried they won’t be able to connect! Or they’re worried they won’t be good at it. Or they’re worried that everyone else will do a better job than them. We’ll also specifically focus on my technique for releasing these energies so we can start Day 2 off fresh and ready and fearless!

Day 2: Energy Management and our First Connections!

Ah, my favorite thing – and it is what will become your mantra. Energy Management. On Day 2 we’ll be learning my personal techniques to help you manage your energy and emotions in order to put you in the best space for connecting with any animal – and then we’ll use that space to do our first connections! On this day you’ll learn my physical technique for connecting – and you’ll do it all right there, in the class!

Day 3: White Room Connection

shutterstock_176109785Oh Day 3! Now we get into the big, fun connection and THEN we get to use it to practice and play intuitively with your animals! Yes, that’s right – throughout the whole week you’ll be doing readings on your peer’s animals and they will be doing readings on yours. So, not only will you learn how to do this for other animals, you’ll be receiving too!




Day 4: Guru animals and Soul Contracts

Now this is very exciting and cool because I NEVER get this much time to spend on this aspect of animal communication work and it’s really the heart of my work. On this day, you’ll learn how to work intuitively with animals to assist in healing for the animals and the humans involved. It really is the coolest thing to be able to tap into an animal and have them tell you how they are helping their human. Imagine being able to deliver that information to someone – how helpful it will be!

Day 5: Distractions, Challenges, and Questionable People

No environment is perfect, no connection is perfect, and no human is perfect. On Day 5, we’ll learn how NOT to let these things deter us from creating a wonderful intuitive connection with an animal. This is a little more advanced than I usually get to do with my beginner students, but after 4 days together, you guys will be ready! (And don’t worry, I’ll make sure you ARE ready. I promise!)

And don’t laugh too hard – but this is actually one of my favorite parts! I can’t tell you why now, but you will certainly understand why I find this lesson to be so entertaining once we’re doing it!

Day 6: Bringing it all together

shutterstock_186295301Here, I’ll answer your questions, we’ll address any challenges you’re having, and I may teach you just one more technique to work more deeply with animals. The last day of a workshop is emotionally challenging – it’s hard to leave these people you’ve grown so close to during the week!




To Reserve Your Space Contact:

The Kripalu Center
Stockbridge, MA

October 30th – November 4th, 2016

Notes about the workshop:

NOTE: The exact agenda for this class is subject to change depending on what Danielle determines will most serve the class.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring photos (whether paper or on your phone) of animals you would like to work with in the class. The photos should be of one animal only (no other animals and no other people). And please refrain from sharing your photos with the other students in the class until you are asked to! (I know it’s going to be hard – but it will pay off for you, I promise!)

DMSAC CREDIT: This retreat qualifies as a Level 1 Animal Communication Class in the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication. After taking this workshop, you’ll have completed the prerequisites to move into my Advanced Soul Level Animal Communication Program!