{ Call of the Wild Costa Rican Retreat }

April 16-25, 2016

I’m SO excited for this incredible experience that I’ve already started getting ready!

In preparation for the trip (I feel like winter can’t come fast enough!), I did a little intuitive pre-connection with one of the animals – Millie the 2-toed sloth. I’ve never led a trip like this before and I wanted to see if Millie could shed light on what it was going to be like.

When I connected with her, she showed me that she was very happy with her life and that the humans running the rescue, rehab, and release center (called The Toucan Rescue Ranch) are kind and heart-centered. (Now, of course I already knew this from when I was researching this trip, but I am REALLY happy she agreed!) After all, assisting animals so they can live the most natural, happy lives (whatever happy looks like for that particular animal) is one of my goals in life and one that I teach every day.

As a young child, I had a difficult time visiting zoos. I knew and felt that the animals in the zoos were not happy, even though the adults around me repeated the mantra, “these animals are for education, so it’s OK.” Regardless of what they told me, I did NOT think it was OK. That’s why it was important for me to put together a trip that aligned with my beliefs about animals. Connecting in with Millie, confirmed that I was on the right track because, as she said, the humans involved with her center have the same mission as me (the evolution of all – both animals and people!).

Now, I’m honored (and excited) that in April, we’ll be able to meet her in person. What a treat to connect with her live and in person!

Sloth and BabyI’ve found that working closely with a group of people – all with the intention of connecting with animals and nature, and of being with like-minded people produces profound positive results. Things like – soul growth, expansion, happiness, joy, and an intimate connection with the soul AND with the universe. I would be honored to have you with me, sharing in this experience with these very special animals. I feel so aligned with Millie’s mission as well – to help humans grow, evolve, and understand their place in the world (which in turn assists animals of all kinds).  Oh! I have a little Youtube video about her too! Oh and yes, Toucan Rescue Ranch also wrote a book about her – aren’t you just so excited!?

Won’t you join me in meeting her?

manzanillo beachFor me, this is a once in a lifetime adventure. I love the beach, I love the ocean, and I love the feel of Costa Rica. It’s been ten years since my last visit and every day I’m getting more and more excited for what is coming this April! I’m impatient to experience the sloths hanging out of trees, and howler monkeys reminding you that it’s morning (or some other time of day!). There are millions (I’m not exaggerating) of species of flora, fauna, and mammals that you’ll find no other place on earth – and we get to connect in and experience them!

Nowhere else on earth is biological abundance and diversity so evident than in the Costa Rican rainforest. Twelve distinct ecological zones of incredible beauty cover an area the size of New Hampshire. Did you know that tropical rainforests contain more than half of all living things known to man? And on this trip, we get to be part of that all while experiencing the unconditional love of animals through intimate, personal, heart-centered animals connections that will probably impact us all life for the rest of our lives.  Pretty exciting right?! Then give yourself permission to join me in Costa Rica!

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Just $500 due at sign up.  Balance due February 1, 2016