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Animals and The Other Side 2

I’ve been working as a professional animal communicator for more than sixteen years now – and, gratefully, during that time, the animals have had plenty of opportunities to teach me about how they view the Other Side. Join me in the second installment of this series to learn what the animals have to say about this very challenging, yet beautiful aspect of life.

Yes, yes, yes I heard you! You wanted a follow up Animals & the Other Side class and this is it! In the first installment of this webinar series we just began to tap into the answers. At 90 minutes there was so much more to say! And your emails, phone calls and post let me know how important this was – so here’s part 2!

Every day, animals teach us about ourselves through their unconditional love, support, companionship, and even through their death. And now, they want us to know all about that elusive piece that is so hard for many of us to understand: crossing over.

Time to heal your heart

The powerful information the animals have shared with me again and again about The Other Side has allowed me to help thousands of people have a greater understanding of death and dying and this is what I want to share with you.

Animals don’t fear crossing over like humans do.

What’s so cool about it?

In Animals and the Other Side 1, I spent time sharing what the animals have shared with me. From their thoughts on bringing home new pets to how they wanted to cross over to why the would choose to cross over. At the close of the class, there was so much more I wanted to share!

But the question was – how do I do that?

In Animals & the Other Side 2, I’m taking it in a totally different direction – I’m going to let your questions guide us where we need to go.

In other words, this is a webinar driven by your animals and by the universe. Who knows what will happen!

How does it work?

This simple live webinar is designed to help you understand from a very personal perspective, how wild animals, domesticated animals, and our pets experience crossing over.

Step 1: Purchase the webinar to be able to submit your question

Step 2: Show up for the live webinar or listen to the recording. I’ll do my best to answer as many of the submitted questions as possible!

Step 3: BONUS READINGS TOO! Throughout the call, I’ll do some live readings to ensure we’ve covered all angles!

From the mouths of the animals…










My experience helping animals cross has given me a unique perspective on death and dying. What I want to share with you is exactly what the animals have shared with me that has helped many come to terms with the passing of their own animals.

I’ve found that a lot of people are surprised at what fears animals do and don’t have around crossing over. It’s not what most people expect. Join me and you may be pleasantly surprised too!

Date: This live webinar was recorded and the video is now available. You can also still purchase the class so you can watch the recording but hurry as it will only be available for a few more days!

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{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

Participating in the SMCA course made such a positive impact on my life. Self-care was area for me that was receiving little attention… I began to recognize how much I was over-giving to others and how unbalanced my life had become. …Squeak and I continue to work together on my animal soul contract of self-care, even after class ended. I am very grateful for this course and Danielle mentorship. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Melanie Reynolds
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