{ Animals as our Gurus for Animal Professionals }

If you’ve ever wondered about a deeper connection to the animals you encounter in your job, this class is for you! Learn how animals are always working to help the people in their lives, how accepting animals as your “gurus” can actually alter the state of your life (and that of your clients too!) and how your experiences with the animals in your life vary according to our soul lessons. Think you’ve known that cat before? Wondering if that dog is purposely annoying you? Perturbed by that horse’s canter? Animals As Our Gurus for Animal Professionals helps you harness what the animals are here to teach you, and then helps you teach it to your clients!

Watch this previously recorded live class to learn how the animals in your life are actually teaching you lessons and helping you become the best you, you can be!

Format: 1.5 hr Video Class

Price: $119 ON SALE $27