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Animals and The Other Side

I’ve been working as a professional animal communicator for almost twenty years now – and in that time I’ve have the opportunity to learn so much about how animals view The Other Side. Join me to learn what the animals have to say about this very challenging, yet beautiful aspect of life.

Every day, animals teach us about ourselves through their unconditional love, support, companionship, and even through their death. Yes, that’s right – they want educate us through every aspect of their lives.

My experience working as an animal communicator, helping animals pass over has given me a somewhat unique perspective on death and dying. What I have to share with you is exactly what the animals have shared with me around their dying and it has helped me come to terms with the passing of my own animals and even with the passing over of the currently lively, healthy animals in my life.

The powerful information the animals have shared with me again and again about The Other Side has allowed me to help thousands of people have a greater understanding of death and dying and this is what I want to share with you.

This introductory class is designed to help you come to terms with the passing of one of your animals, to help you understand the unique and compassionate way that animals view dying, and to help you keep your heart open to experience the love of an animal again and again.

Here’s just a taste of what’s in this class:

  • Learn what animals have to say about Euthanasia
  • Find out what animals do on The Other Side
  • Learn what messages animals send from the Other Side
  • Learn how animals feel about dying
  • Find out what the animals left at home typically have to say about their friend’s passing over
  • Learn what pets (and all animals) have to say about dying and the Other Side
  • Learn an intuitive technique to help with grieving

You’ll also learn how some animals cross over in order to have a deeper connection with their humans (can you believe that?). I’ll also help you understand the meaning (or upcoming meaning) of an animal’s passing through random audience LIVE READINGS.










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If you love animals, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy learning their view on The Other Side. Over the years, I found that a lot of people are surprised at what fears animals do and don’t have around crossing over. It’s not what most people expect.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the class, everything will be recorded for you to listen to and watch later through your class dashboard.

Because, that’s right, this is not only an audio class – it’s also a live webinar class so you can watch me teach, answer your questions, and do readings right there on your computer or smartphone.

Recording now available!
Recorded: April 5th

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The Soul Level Wild Dolphin Retreat with Danielle MacKinnon was so fabulous, my husband and I attended two years in a row! This is definitely an experience of a lifetime as you snorkel in open water, swim with the high vibrational wild dolphin while meeting amazing new people from all over North America. Whether you are new to animal communication or want to explore it at a deeper level, this is the perfect retreat to expand into new possibility. Thank you for the heart-warming memories, Danielle!

— Joel and Rebecca Kirson
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