Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners

Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners can maintain their certification through the Professional path in the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication.

The Professional path has been designed to support and assist you in growing your business with support from Danielle and your peers.

Professional Certified SLAC Practitioner Path

The Professional path is specifically designed for those who want to continue their connection and work with Danielle and the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication while actively building their business and keeping their certification current. Those who choose this path are usually looking to become leaders in the Animal Communication community as well.

  • Increased Visibility

    Professional path Certified Practitioners looking to gain visibility in the ever-growing field of animal communication are featured on the Practitioner’s page of the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication. The page highlights practitioners’ professional headshot, official name, title, website address, phone number, and email address, in addition to a short description of services.

  • Continued support

    At the Professional level, support from peers and from experts is extremely important, which is the intention behind the Certified SLAC Professionals Facebook group. This group, limited to those on the Certified Professional path only, offers the opportunity to share and get support from Danielle and your Professional peers. Whether you’re stuck on a certain aspect of your reading, are looking for ideas on how to market your new service, or simply want feedback on a new video you’ve created, this group is the go-to group for support, encouragement, and insight.

  • Private webinar check-ins

    In order bring continuity and accountability to the group, Danielle also holds a quarterly webinar call for all Professional path Certified Practitioners. In this Q&A style webinar, you’re free to bring up your business challenges and questions to be addressed by both Danielle and the rest of the group.

  • Access to a like-minded community

    The Be Open community is integral part of being a Professional path Certified Practitioner, as it provides practitioners with the opportunity to become a leader in a group of like-minded people already very interested in animal communication. As a practitioner at this level, it is at your discretion how much, how often, and in what manner you participate in Be Open. Whether you chime in on comments, share your experiences, share your newsletter, or something else, Be Open is your safe place to grow into your leadership skills. The Professional level practitioner rate is discounted to $20/month.

  • Highlighted Practitioner

    Each month in Be Open, Danielle will highlight a different Professional path Certified Practitioner to the Be Open community. The monthly highlighted practitioner may also choose to take part as co-host in the Be Open webinar that month, in addition to other opportunities that may arise. It is at the discretion of the highlighted practitioner what level of participation they’ll take on during their “month.” The intention for highlighting a particular practitioner is simply to provide increased visibility and foster more connection with the community.

  • Personalized control center

    This all comes together in the Professional path Certified Practitioner’s dashboard. This is where important dates (like upcoming labs, welcome webinars, and Q&A’s) are posted as well as where all past webinars, important information, guidelines, and more are housed.

Additional Professional path benefits

Business Growth & Opportunity

Take advantage of all that certification has to offer you to grow, expand, and solidify your business:

  • Prominent listing on DMSAC website as a Professional Certified SLAC Practitioner
  • Access to Danielle and the Professional Certified community through the Facebook group
  • The opportunity to assistant teach (TA) in DMSAC classes, international retreats, and workshops
  • Potential referrals directly from Danielle
  • Certified DMSAC Seal for your website and other marketing materials
  • Purposeful engagement in Be Open at your discretion to establish yourself an an expert and leader in the field of animal communication
  • Listing on the Be Open Professional Certified Practitioner page
  • The opportunity to be the Be Open “Featured Practitioner”
  • The opportunity to share your monthly newsletter, blog and, and social media with the Be Open community
  • Additional opportunities as they occur

Continuing Education

Continue your development by engaging in an advanced learning group while maintaining your Professional Certified SLAC Practitioner status

  • Discussion and support with Danielle and your peers in the Certified SLAC Professionals Facebook group
  • Quarterly Certified SLAC Professionals-only Q&A webinars with Danielle and your peers
  • Purposeful engagement in Be Open at your discretion to benefit your education in how to support others
  • Continued learning, growth, and development of strategies on how to best support others through Be Open webinars and intuitive practices
  • Standing invitation to participate in all Animal Communication labs
  • The opportunity to jump the waitlist for private sessions with Danielle
  • Automatic inclusion as a #CPP (Certified Professional level Practitioner) in the Be Open community
  • Additional opportunities for continuing education as they arise

Professional path responsibilites

After the six-month grace period, for $35/month, you’ll maintain your status as a Professional Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioner with the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication. You must also adhere to the following responsibilities:

  • Must be actively taking clients, including responding in a timely manner to reading requests
  • Must maintain a working website that meets all certification requirements (including dedicated phone number with voicemail, website, headshot, email address, etc.)
  • Engage with the Certified SLAC Professionals FB group (this is your professional and peer support!)
  • Must be an active member of the Be Open Community writing at least two comments per intuitive practice and at least three other comments per month in the group using the #CPP hashtag (Be Open membership is included in your Professional Path subscription).
  • Actively engage, support, help, and guide in the Be Open community as you determine best grows your business
  • Must have at least one form of engagement going out to your subscribers per month. This can be a blog or newsletter.
  • Must be active on at least one form of social media.
  • Must maintain a database of clients and subscribers that you can contact at any given time

Certification Accreditation and Status Changes

You must adhere to the responsibilities cited in order to maintain your status as a Professional with the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication. Please note the following:

  • Failure to adhere to the Professional level responsibilities as listed above will result in your removal from the DMSAC.
  • Removal from the DMSAC means you will no longer be featured as a Professional on the practitioner page, and will lose access to the Professional path benefits as described above.
  • Choosing the Professional path is the only way to keep your certification up to date. Otherwise, you can still offer Soul Level Animal Communication Readings, but you cannot say that you are a Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioner.
  • Practitioners in good standing can choose to leave the Professional Path and all benefits one time (only) for a maximum of six months and still return on the Professional Path under the current rates. To return, Practitioners must remain in good standing with the DMSAC.
  • Two or more complaints (such as not responding to requests for readings) from clients will result in your removal from the DMSAC Professional Path.
  • At any time, you can choose to leave the Professional Path at DMSAC. Please note that your certification will then be out of date.
  • You must be in good standing with Danielle and DMSAC to be featured as a Professional Path practitioner.

Good Citizen/Good Standing

To be a Professional Path Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioner in good standing you must:

  • Adhere to regular professional standards of conduct and character. Your professionalism should be reflected your behavior at all times.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Reach out to the Professional Certified SLAC Practitioner community and Danielle for information, support, guidance, and assistance as you build your business.
  • Understand that we hold a zero-tolerance for bullying or other types of communication that are damaging to the reputation of others, to the work in the animal communication community, to Danielle, or DMSAC. Those who engage in this activity will be immediately removed from the community, the school, and the practitioner’s pages.
  • Reach out to the DMSAC office at info@daniellemackinnon.com to address any problems or concerns.

As always, this structure and these guidelines will evolve over time. If you see something you’d love to have implemented, have a question about an aspect of the school that is confusing you, or just have a general question, please connect with us to let us know!