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Energy Management Supercharge

In all my years working as an intuitive coach, an animal communicator, and a psychic, there’s one been consistent element in everything that I do. It’s something that most people underestimate until the experience it – and then they don’t. It’s energy management. Energy management has the power to actually CHANGE your life. And you know what? It’s easy!

Energy Management is the hidden secret to supercharging all of the other work you’ve been doing on yourself, to finally beginning to trust your intuition, and to nipping that anxiety train that’s been running through your head at night in the bud. I’m not exaggerating – I believe this has been the key to all of my students’ success over the years!

Every day so many of us power through our emotions and feelings, treating them as if they were irritants rather than awesome signs from the universe that it’s time to re-align. When you learn what to watch out for, and then what to do, your perspective on everything in your life changes for the better- in ways you can’t even anticipate until you experience them!

Energy Management is sexy

What’s more beautiful and more empowering than understanding yourself and how you place your body into the world – and knowing what that means to you and to the loved ones around you?

When you finally get it, there’s almost nothing more exciting than realizing you’re in the zone!

What’s so cool about it?

Energy Management isn’t about routine, it doesn’t focus on rules, and you can’t just follow the steps at 2pm and 7pm every day and get it really “done.”

Many people spend time touting the beauty of energy management and yet, they never truly achieve it – so it remains something that they know they’re “supposed” to do, but it doesn’t really work for them.

I’ve spent more than 17 years studying energy management, both professionally with my clients, and personally! I know what it looks like when you’re not actually making a dent!

When you finally experience what you feel like when your energy is truly being managed, it means that you can not only identify when your energy is off, but you also know what options you have to bring it back into alignment for yourself. It’s simply empowering in a way that rule-following is not!

How does it work?

This simple live webinar is designed to help you understand from a very personal perspective where your own energy management needs to happen, when, why, and most excitingly, how.

This live webinar will (of course) be recorded for those who can’t attend – but it will also be recorded for those who do attend. That’s because we’ll be doing many tried and true, as well as some brand new energy management tools right on the call – so you’re going to want to go back and do them again and again with the group through the video recording!

Plus, I’ll be taking questions throughout the webinar and I’ll even do some readings where I tap into the listener to help them understand where they’re getting stuck in their own energy management and what they can do to move through that.

It’s really going to be wonderful!

Based on real-life experience…










My experience working with my own energy management and that of my clients has helped me develop so many really cool techniques! What I want to share with you is exactly what I do with my clients and with myself to come back into alignment.

With the global atmosphere all wonky right now, with so many people laying awake worrying about their futures, with so much anxiety running rampant through our brains, energy management has become even more important than ever!

Despite that, it’s still really fun. After all, I’m the one teaching you about it, and I love fun!

Date: This live webinar was recorded and the video is now available. You can also still purchase the class so you can watch the recording but hurry as it will only be available for a few more days!

Price: $17


{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

Participating in the SMCA course made such a positive impact on my life. Self-care was area for me that was receiving little attention… I began to recognize how much I was over-giving to others and how unbalanced my life had become. …Squeak and I continue to work together on my animal soul contract of self-care, even after class ended. I am very grateful for this course and Danielle mentorship. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

— Melanie Reynolds
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