{ Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners }

It takes up to three years to become a Certified Soul Level Animal Communication practitioner through the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication. Danielle personally works with each practitioner to bring them through the certification process, so you can be sure that you can trust any one of the beautiful souls on this page to assist you with your animal needs.

Each practitioner has their own style, their own way of working, and their own specialty and has been thoroughly tested by Danielle to ensure that he or she can work effectively and lovingly at the Soul Level with you and your animal.

Professional Certified Soul Level Animal Communication Practitioners

Practitioners who have reached Level 4 have completed my Beginner, Advanced, and Certification courses. These practitioners have also worked deeply with the Animal Guru (Animal Soul Contracts) process with their own animals. Practitioners at this level are often invited to be my teaching assistants at events.

Featured Practitioner: Jenny Jozwiak

Jenny Jozwiak is a shining example of what you can do with your life when you decide to stop letting your fears get in the way. Having gone from fearful and paralyzed to jumping into whatever she tries with both feet, Jenny’s enthusiasm, “Hey, I’ll give it a try!” attitude and her ability to be conscious of herself while assisting other people and animals really sets her apart from most intuitives. What is most exciting about Jenny is how she personally relates to whatever problem someone is having with their animal – thereby allowing her to uncover the depths of what is really going on in the relationship.


The Certified Practitioners

Janine Oates Almquist
Intuitive Animal Communicator and Human Coach

Specialties: Animal Communication Sessions and Human Intuitively Guided Coaching Sessions. Janine focuses working with the whole team – you and your animal.  How are you working together, what problems are you solving together, and what does that partnership look like?  Janine leads intuitively guided sessions to help you and your animals live your best lives, and thrive.

Website: janineoatesalmquist.com

Contact: (206) 573-4463 or info@janineoatesalmquist.com
Pacific Time Zone

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Ginger Hendry
Animal Intuitive

Whether your pet is with you today or has already passed, I will help you connect more deeply to understand what lesson they have come to teach you.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Reiki

Website: gingerhendry.com

Contact: (978) 203-2833 or ginger@gingerhendry.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Phoebe Hoffman
Animal and Human Intuitive

Specialty: Animal Communication, Human Intuition, Plant Based Diet Guidance

Website: phoebehoffman.com

Contact: (917) 810-9925 or info@phoebehoffman.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Jenny Jozwiak
Intuitive Animal Communicator

Jenny will work with you to discover the ways your animal is instructing, guiding and helping you evolve into becoming the highest version of yourself.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Coaching, Reiki Master

Website: jenniferjozwiak.com

Contact: (989) 402 – 5473 or info@jenniferjozwiak.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Geri Karabin
Animal Intuitive

Strengthening your relationships with the animals and people around you. Helping you heal yourself.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Shamanic Illumination & Lost Soul Retrieval, Law of Attraction Coaching

Website: gerikarabin.com

Contact: (910) 779 – 4999 or geri@gerikarabin.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Kathy Rumsey
Animal Intuitive

Connect. Discover. Transform.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Coaching, Reiki Practitioner

Website: kathyrumsey.com

Contact: (401) 200-3399 or kathy@kathyrumsey.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Charlotte Safos
Animal Intuitive

Heart to Heart Connections

Specialty: Opening human hearts and heads to the true and loving nature in themselves and their animal companions.

Website: charlottesafos.com

Contact: (866) 661-2258 or charlotte@charlottesafos.com
Eastern Time Zone


Rachel Shoemaker
Intuitive Animal Communicator

Whether living or passed, the animals in your life help you learn and grow. I connect to you and your animal to share the heartfelt messages they have for you.

Specialty: Animal Communication

Website: rachel-shoemaker.com

Contact: (540) 413-9888 or info@rachel-shoemaker.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Maria Stoner
Animal Communicator

Deepening your connection and relationship with your animal.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Reiki

Website: mariastoner.com

Contact: (717) 469-5202 or mariastonerac@gmail.com
Eastern Time Zone

Julie Ulrich
Intuitive Animal Communicator

Intuitive connection and compassionate energy work for people and animals.

Specialty: Animal Communication, Reiki Master. Julie loves to assist others on their journey to healing through connecting to their animal’s wisdom, practicing energy work, or a combination of both.

Website: julie-ulrich.com

Contact: (347) 378-7202 or contact@julie-ulrich.com
Eastern Time Zone

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Keiko Watt

Soul Level Animal Communicator

Soul Level Animal Communication helps to create a connection between the human and animal. This connection helps to deepen their relationship and to understand what you are learning from the animal.

Specialty: Soul Level Animal Communication, Reiki, Tarot and Oracle card reading. Speaks English and Japanese.

Website: keikowatt.com

Contact: (604) 867-6808 or info@keikowatt.com
Pacific Time Zone

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13020128_557297187763251_1575316644_nKatja Wostradowski
Animal Intuitive

Heart to Heart Connections

Specialty: Animal communication, energy healing for animals and humans, Reiki master, and shamanic healing all offered in English, Spanish, or German

Website: www.intuitivekatja.com

Contact: Peru (0051) 935910452 // U.S. (424) 570-1010 or info@intuitivekatja.com
Eastern Time Zone

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