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March 18-24, 2018
Lynnfield, MA

Live & In-Person Soul Level Animal Communication



What’s SO great about live and in person?

  • This is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with Danielle for 6 days!
  • Get answers from Danielle immediately!
  • Get support from your classmates and from Danielle’s professional animal communicator Teaching Assistants!
  • Danielle can “connect in” to YOUR intuitive abilities and give you personalized real-time advice
  • The full Level 1 course in just 6 days! No prior experience required.

What is Soul-Level Animal Communication Anyway?

Did you know that you have the ability to connect with animals on a level that is beyond the physicality of playing catch with your dog or snuggling with your cat? Animals are here to serve as teachers, messengers, leaders, and spiritual gurus. They are in YOUR life because they have chosen you on a soul level, to teach you how to be a better human and help evolve your soul to a level of pure love. Soul Level Animal Communication shows you how to tap right into this!

That’s where I come in!!

A note from Danielle

This 6-day course is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to work hands on with me, in a small group setting! This is the first time I’ve taught my Level 1 course in this way, so I’ve made the personal decision to keeping this class small, small, small  limiting it to only 15 people.

That’s right – no 35 or 50 person class! It means you’ll get time with me filled with personalized tips and tools. I’ll be right there to keep on eye on your as your coach, helping your animal communication skills begin to blossom.

And what’s better than personalized advice, catered to YOUR exact needs? You’ll have the benefit of my nearly two decades of experience as a professional animal communicator!

The Danielle MacKinnon School is the only school that explores animal communication, animal soul contracts, and works at the soul level while also developing your intuitive skills. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to expand, grow, and take off running on this new adventure with animals and intuition!

Read what others have to say about Danielle’s classes!

Heather Barton Anderson

Heather Barton Anderson

"Danielle’s delivery, understanding, humor, and sarcasm fit me quite well. She made me relax and made me able to just let things happen. I thought the class was great. The content was perfect, not too much, not too little. I loved the interaction with classmates!"

Patty Daley

Patty Daley

"Danielle has a wonderful and goofy sense of humor that lends to her down to earth nature. Her ego is out of the way and it makes her totally approachable. The class way exceeded my expectations. The tools were unexpected and I love that I can always use them. The format of gently leading us up to communicating was perfect. The energy management part was so important and helpful and necessary!"

Robin Eichart

Robin Eichart

"I still feel like a “pre-beginner” compared to the “beginner” abilities of many in the class but no one ever made me feel less and that is huge! I can’t imagine a more supportive environment that was created from every person, starting with Danielle and the Teaching Assistants along with every single person in the class and that in itself is note-worthy!"

Lisa Moody

Lisa Moody

"I was very nervous to even start the class and the way Danielle did it was excellent. It was like walking me through it step by step and never judging us. I learned more from Danielle’s class than I have from any other class I’ve taken! I also love the energy management tools, they have come in very handy in my life."

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

Energy Management

This is the foundation to ALL animal communication work. It is what allows my students to be successful, confident, and intelligent throughout the entire course and into their own animal communication! I like to say that Energy Management is my little secret “power pill” that powers you through the class! This will become your MANTRA throughout the class – and you’ll be super glad for it!

  • You’ll walk away from the week with at least five energy management techniques you can easily begin using RIGHT AWAY!

TWO Connection Techniques

There are many different ways to connect intuitively with animals and in this week together, I’ll teach you the TWO easiest, most fun techniques that you’re SURE to love! Learn how animals use their bodies, our imagination, and even our past experiences to create a deep soul level connection!

  • And you know what all this means? It means that our week together isn’t just educational – you’re going to be doing ACTUAL communications with animals. Yourself!

Animal Lessons & Contracts

No Soul Level Animal Communication class would be complete without experiencing the various ways animals work with their humans (and all humans) to help them evolve their soul. During our week together, you’ll develop a deep understanding of these incredible lessons and contracts – and you’ll learn how the animals are actually teaching these lessons.

  • There’s nothing more powerful than finally understanding your own animal’s Soul Lesson for you!

The focus is on support

In this live and in-person workshop, you won’t get lost in the pack. Danielle and her Teaching Assistants will provide the support, information, guidance, and assistance you need to make your animal communication journey as enjoyable as possible! Check out the comparison between these two Level 1 courses to select the one that best meets your needs!

SLAC Home study

  • Six pre-recorded video lessons
  • Take for fun or for full DMSAC Level 1 credit
  • Class starts as soon as you purchase it so you can work at your own pace
  • The entire course is accessible through your personal dashboard

SLAC Night School

  • Six pre-recorded video lessons
  • For fun or for full DMSAC Level 1 credit
  • Start date ensures class works at the same pace
  • Two live Q&A webinars with Danielle, the Teaching Assistants, and the class
  • Private Facebook group and community throughout the class
  • Support from Danielle’s Certified Practitioners
  • One Animal Communication Lab (live webinar) where you can watch other students do live readings with Danielle’s guidance
  • Your course is accessible through your dashboard including recordings of the two live Q&A webinars

SLAC In Person

  • Six days with Danielle
  • For fun or for full DMS Level 1 credit
  • Class size is limited to only 15 students to ensure you get your one-on-one time with Danielle
  • Danielle is for all classes to address any questions or concerns – immediately, as soon as you have them!
  • Your classmates become your biggest friends and supporters – even after the class!
  • Exceptional support from Danielle’s Certified Practitioners on hand as Teaching Assistants
  • An invitation to the March 2018 Animal Communication lab where you can watch other students doing live readings with Danielle’s guidance.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have everything you need to connect with animals everywhere (pets, rescues, and wild animals too)!

Begin Your Animal Communication Journey Today!

Additional Booking Details

  • Tuition is for the workshop only. You’re responsible for your lodging and food.
  • Class begins 6pm on Sunday, March 18th and ends 12 noon on Saturday, March 24th.
  • The workshop is at The Four Points by Sheraton in Lynnfield, MA. Use this link to book the class discounted room rate of $119/night. The hotel offers parking and is a 20-minute drive from Boston Logan airport.
  • The Four Points Sheraton is walking distance (7 minutes) to the Lynnfield Marketplace which houses Whole Foods, Legal Seafoods, Starbucks (plenty of options to accommodate specific food needs)! The hotel offers a Marketplace shuttle as well.


Are you ready to spend 6 days transforming your intuitive life, meeting and bonding with like-minded others, and developing the skills to feel closer to any animal in your life?

This is an exclusive opportunity to work me in a small-group, in-person environment with only ~15 people in the class!

Tuition: $750

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

I want these courses to be an experience that is aligned with you and your goals. Need to cancel? Cancellations 30 days or more prior to the start of class receive a full refund. Cancellations 15-29 days prior to the start of class will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations made 14 days or less from the start of class will not receive a refund.

{ Prrrrrraise from the Field }

I found Danielle via Twitter, and when I went to her website, I was instantly drawn to her energy. I immediately signed up for an reading, and Danielle was spot on for my entire pack of Goldens. I have now been inspired to take her animal communication class. Her podcasts offer a plethora of valuable information, and I look forward to continuing my journey with her!

— Susan Reed
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